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Slaley Cellars & Bistro

Slaley is a wholesome family-run estate located in Koelenhof, Stellenbosch. This estate has a bistro to dine in, a wine cellar for private wine tastings as well as a guest house for accommodation.

The Standard Wine Tasting

A little break down of this family’s history: The farm’s name ‘Slaley’ is derived from the village Slaley situated in Newcastle. The Hunting family were involved in the shipping industry pre-WW1 which docked at Slaley Hall. The cellar was built on the estate in 1995 and produces both red and white wines but focuses on their reds (which are delicious). The current farm is entirely run by the three siblings and their children.

We visited this estate on a beautiful Summer’s day after seeing online that they have a stunning terrace and that they are available on the Entertainer App. Sadly, on arrival, we were informed that only the bistro guests can sit outside and not wine tasting guests. We thought it was a little odd but didn't question it or say anything. We sat inside and had our wine tasting (wonderful chatting to our tasting patron about the wines and her family history along with future endeavours for the farm). We ordered some food to enjoy whilst sipping on our wines. Once the food arrived, we were asked to move to the table next to us as bistro food is not eaten at the wine tasting table. This confused us a bit and made things uncomfortable (jumping from table to table less than a metre apart) but nevertheless, our chicken strips and chips were enjoyed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the different reds that we tasted which were unique in their flavours, however, their whites were too acidic for my taste.

Below are my summarised notes of the wines:

Slaley The Whimsy 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: Medium Yellow

Nose: Asparagus, gooseberries, lemon, lime.

Taste: Lime, Lemon, asparagus, grass.

Paired: Moroccan spiced lamb with mint raita and a pomegranate/pink peppercorn garnish.

Broken Stone 2017 Unwooded Chardonnay

Colour: deep straw

Nose: pineapple, lemon, apricot.

Taste: pineapple, lemon, lime, apricot.

Paired: Durban style Lamb & Apricot curry garnished with crushed peanuts & coriander, served with coriander naan and Basmati rice.

Broken Stone 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

Colour: Deep ruby

Nose: eucalyptus, mint, plum, cigar box.

Taste: mint, eucalyptus, plum, cigar box.

Paired: Beef bourguignon with reblochon mashed potato.

Slaley 2008 Merlot

Colour: Deep Ruby

Nose: plum, chocolate, coffee, red berries.

Taste: plum, chocolate, coffee, red berries

Paired: Cape Malay samosas with a plum & peach chutney.

Slaley 2008 Pinotage

Colour: Deep Garnet

Nose: violets, cigar box, pepper, blackberries

Taste: violets, blackberries, cigar box, pepper.

Paired: Pepper-rubbed rump with a simple pan sauce (deglazed with the Pinotage), served with Parmesan & truffle fries.

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