• Sabrina Shaw

FRAM Chardonnay 2020

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A huge thank you to We Talk Wine and FRAM Wines for this wonderful gift. It was thoroughly sipped and enjoyed.

Fram Chardonnay 2020 Tasting Notes (using WSET Level 2 SAT):

Colour: Medium Lemon

Nose: Medium intensity of fresh pineapple, ripe passion fruit (granadilla) and overripe mango.

Palate: Flavour – Medium intensity of fresh pineapple and lemon rind with a light cereal note on the finish.

Sweetness – Dry

Acidity – High

Tannin – n/a

Alcohol – 13,5%

Body – Medium

Finish – Medium

Pairing Suggestion: My mother-in-law’s salmon trout and cream cheese bagel.

Additional Comments: This wine has a gorgeous nose that opens beautifully as it warms to room temperature. The wine origin is Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa. The Chardonnay was aged 100% in steel and the small additional portion of Chenin Blanc was fermented on the skin on the whole bunch for two weeks.

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